Images at the Banff Centre

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Banff Centre

In May 2015, I was at The Banff Centre’s Writing Program. Beyond the opportunity to write, beyond the mentorship and incredible insights of talented people, the place was purely picturesque. Here’s some of what I saw.


So, I begin with the least exciting picture. But this card allowed me great access and I have to give credit. To a card loaded with credit.



Here are a couple of typical Banff Centre views for you. I never got used to the sheer majesty of it.


Of course, this was what I looked at most of the time. This, and a computer screen.


Nature still found its way in, of course. These are female elk. There were cougars and bears too. I did not see them in person, and I am thankful.


I did take a break from the writing to enjoy the sites. This is a picture of Lake Louise, one of the most beautiful places I visited.


Other lakes and rivers weren’t too shabby either.


But nothing could beat the mountain views. Here’s a picture of the Banff Centre and the Town of Banff itself from the vantage point of Sulfur Mountain. Pictures really can’t do it justice.


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